"My wife and I run an infant wear business. My children are all very young. We want their future to be secure even when we are not around anymore to run the business. She deviced a plan that suited our business needs as well as my children’s educational needs."

- Joel, Businessman

"I was worried about my retirement. She was able to recommend me a plan that can secure my future."

- Rogelio, Lawyer

"I am the sole breadwinner of my family. What if I got sick or die? My family will not have the same standard of living as what they have now. With her advice, I was able to get a comprehensive life insurance with a hospital confinement benefit – all in one product."

- Earlyn, Editor/Publisher

Business Insurance Adviser
Manulife Philippines
1996 Rookie of the Year
1997-2000 Associate of the Year
Hall of Fame
Five Star Master Builder
MDRT Life Member (Honor Roll)
Senior Financial Adviser – Elite
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