Frequently Asked Questions
1. What were you doing before you joined Manulife?

     Previously, I held the position of Corporate Secretary for 20 years. I had confined myself in an office job which is safe, secure and with regular working hours. I concentrated my time and effort in helping my husband's family business. We are engaged in footwear manufacturing. We started small scale from 30 to 50 employees and later we grew to a large scale manufacturing operation. I had been a "Jack of all Trades" during those times, doing purchasing, marketing and administrative work all at the same time.  It is definitely different from what we, insurance underwriters, go through in our job.

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2. What made you decide to join Manulife?

     I felt I needed something new in my life. I was so bored with the routine of office work, shuffling papers all day long. I wanted to go out, meet people, expand my horizons, and know more about other people's lives, their problems. And so I joined Manulife to earn more. As an insurance agent, we were paid by commissions. On top of that, we can get bonuses every month and have the privilege to go abroad at company's expenses and stay not just in a five star hotel but in luxurious hotels. Income here is unlimited, you can earn six digits every month provided you set high goals and put in the hard work required to achieve them.

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3. Can you describe your profession as a Manulife Insurance Underwriter?

     Our job is to advise our prospects or clients with regard to the plan that is suitable to their needs. We are like their financial advisers. We are also like lawyers, where their last will is being entrusted to us for implementation when the time comes. We help clients to plan how they can, through life insurance, save on their estate taxes. We see to it that when they're gone, the family will have the same standard of living as what they are enjoying just as the breadwinner of the family is still living. We take care of widows and orphans. When a member dies, we deliver life insurance proceeds when other people collect money from them.

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4. Do you enjoy your profession?

    I enjoy my profession. It's just like visiting my friends everyday, and knowing how their business is doing. More often, I would be able to help them solve some of their problems in life. Being in the manufacturing business for more than twenty years, I can say that I encountered most kinds of problems and difficulties in life. I feel so fulfilled every time I am able to help them with their problems. The least that I do to help is analyze their financial needs. I don't mind if they don't buy insurance from me. I know they will be the one who will call me up once they are ready to buy.

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5. Would you recommend your profession to others?

     I would very much recommend my profession to others because in this profession, you manage your time. You work when you like to based on your own schedule. You can choose who to talk and whom to sell. This is the kind of business where a little capital is needed and yet you can earn unlimited income. For people who are tired of the routine 8:00 to 5:00 P.M. jobs, this is the right career for you. Here you can have an excellent opportunity for personal growth.

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6. What does it take to succeed as an underwriter?

     To succeed in this kind of career, you should have the courage to face rejection. The possibility for rejection is high. That is why we really follow the four calls a day formula. It is a formula that one should not forego to succeed. Another is to set high goals, work consistently and be creative. Always think of innovative ways to present products to different kinds of clients with varying needs and circumstances in life.

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7. What qualifications are needed to become a Manulife Insurance Underwriter?

Individuals who have…
     —Good people skills.
     —Good level of intelligence and common sense.
     —Good communication skills.
     —Right mind set and positive attitude.
     —Strong work ethic and a self-starter.

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8. How can one become a Manulife Insurance Underwriter?

If you want to be a Manulife Insurance Underwriter…
Just click here to email Mrs. Esphie Chong

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